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A country: Denmark
Operator: ACN
1. Jessa Crista Dela cruz Porre18-03-2023 г.
Hi,good evening??? My name is Jessa Crista from the PHILIPPINES and can I ask a questions??? And sorry for a troubling,...I just want to know who is the owner of this number +14164528811 ??? Cause I am really curious who is He/She???? And why is He/She always sending me a message Bible every Saturday
or Sunday when I don't know Him/She???? Well actually not bad but I'm just want to know him/her and I want to thanks but it's so difficult to call his/She number cause I am from the Philippines ....but I'm still thankful of him/her for always sending me that message and it's really helpful for me to always realize ....( thank you , and hope you will never get tired cause I am always waiting for your message)
2. printp@hotmail.com19-03-2023 г.
this number is from Canada +1 (416) 452-8811 I was looking the number in true caller
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