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A country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Operator: BH Mobile
1. Lise Trehot02-09-2019 г.
They keep harrassing me and whenever I pick up, all I get is:Hello...hello...hello. Hello, hello...hello. in an awfully creepy tone. At one point he asked 'where you at', very casually, in our language. Creepy!
2. kikomiko23-07-2022 г.
This number was calling my grandmother several times, and behaved always the same way as @ Lise Trehot already described. Really strange! Just blocked the number
3. Midja30-01-2023 г.
I do not know who is this but I am curious because only two persons know this my secomd number, it is private number
I just want to know who is this and nothing more
4. Aida31-01-2023 г.
This number was calling my young sister several times, and I pick up all i hear is: hello where is my girl
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