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A country: Singapore
Operator: M1
1. Irritated13-03-2019 г.
Very rude and impatient male Pinoy caller. Claims to be working for a trading-related company but won’t say which. When you ask again, he’ll mumble an inaudible answer. I can’t emphasise how proud and rude he is. He’s trying to get information out of you regarding your investing/trading habits, but when you tell him to not call and email or sms if necessary, he’ll get impatient and condescendingly say if he needed to, he could have gotten his secretary to do that. Basically he will sigh loudly, impatiently punctuating his sentences with the word ‘okkayyyy’ to make it seem like you’re an idiot who’s not understanding his questions and wasting HIS time, when it’s the other way around. He’ll claim you registered for a trading thing but when you ask which, you get another inaudible answer. Everything else is very clear. Do not fall for his mind games. Horrible sales tactics. Did a quick check and got the name NADELLA
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